Karooz is an independent

creative and digital marketing studio

specialising in mixed reality content.


Each and everyone one of us across the globe is now affected by major environmental issues and to feel engaged, create serious behavioral differences and drive positive change we need to create inspiring, fresh and engaging marketing content to inspire and lead the way.


Empowering brands through collaboration, consultation and activation to raise awareness that drives positive engagement.

Brand Management

Karooz comes from the humble beginnings of consultancy, brand development and brand management. We now work with a large handful of long standing global brands providing consistent and creative content through multiple channels that ensures our clients are in constant touch with their customers through positive brand perception, association and ongoing management.

Mixed Reality Production

We build virtual and mixed reality templates and assets to be used by agencies and influencers to easily generate 3D experiences again and again! Mixed reality engagements contributes towards positive brand perception and offers a way to engage consumers in a memorable way. 

High Performance Capture

Our Green Screen Studio provides marketers and executives with a controlled environment for interviews, videos or live events. A unique studio backdrop can be digitally created specific to theme and brand identity. With our multi-camera setup, our director and crew will assist and coach the selected presenters to ensure a dynamic professional look, creating a realistic 3D virtual production.

3D Asset & Content Creation

From virtual walk throughs to high definition 3D assets, we use the best skills available and the latest technology. We create your virtual and reusable assets and content that can be delivered in exciting and new ways.


Savvy, commercial driven, honest and creative from concept to roll-out.

We help our clients achieve their goals through our expertise in design, technology, content, and marketing. Always working closely with our clients to understand their customers and to create experiences that deepen those relationships.

Immersive Storytelling

In a fast-paced digital world that is ever-evolving Karooz can assist with understanding the fundamentals of an effective digital and mixed reality strategy. We can deliver on immersive customer experiences that gives the consumer the experience of really ‘being there’ which makes it a powerful tool for brand activation.

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